Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1. Day 91. Best Birthday Present Ever

 Meet Rumple. The official best birthday present ever.
We've been a dog-free home for five years and for most of that I've told myself I was happy with that.
Not having a dog gave us the freedom to go away. Not having a dog was good for my allergies and asthma. Dogs are expensive and time consuming and your heart breaks when something happens to them.
But dogs are loyal. Dogs are totally loving. Dogs are unconditional.
And right now Rumple is curled up on the couch snuggled into my leg. He just gave me those puppy dog eyes.We've had him less than three hours and I adore him completely (remind me of this when I am cleaning up puppy droppings and when the first of my possessions is chewed and the first vet bill arrives).
The thing is that I always knew it would only be a matter of time before I got another dog but I wasn't ready. And then a couple of days ago a thought entered my head that I could go there again. It was a whisper that became a roar very, very quickly. I may have been able to ignore it. I chose not to and today, on my birthday, we picked up Rumple. Like I said, best birthday present ever.


  1. Oh! He is truly a precious gift. Just look at him! Congratulations for taking the leap again. It's tough. Everything you say is true, of course, but puppy (or any animal) love knows no boundaries. Looking forward to lots more photos. And happy birthday - hope it was grand.

  2. Happy birthday for yesterday. Rumple is incredibly cute. Amelia is now nagging at me, "Why can't we have a dog? Can we have one? Please" Damn you!