Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 24. Day 114. Head in the clouds

On the recommendation of a psychologist I am working on mindfulness. As best I can describe it this is about being totally aware of being in the here and now. So if I'm pissed off that my husband has consumed the last of the milk I'm allowed to be annoyed at this clear and present danger. I am not allowed (either to myself or out loud) to bring in other catering crimes of the past where the last drop of milk has disappeared or worse the last Tim Tam has been consumed and the empty pack left in the fridge. Not okay.
Similarly I am not allowed to project into the future. If The Boy is to do badly on one exam I can deal with that and not start worrying about what will become of him if he's a high school drop out.
The daily photo challenge gets a big tick from the psychologist because it forces me to be very aware of what is going on around me right here right now. You have to notice detail. You really have to set your focus.
So I am working on the now. But what I think most of us who live busy lives (and who doesn't) could do with is a little more time and space to walk about with our heads in the clouds and just dream a bit. Imagining what could be instead of just dealing with what is has to be a good thing too.
That's what I liked about today's photo of the city from South Bank. The in-the-moment Susan noticed the low clouds swirling around the buildings around dawn. The dreamy Susan imagined floating along with those clouds and just seeing where we ended up. That's not a bad effort before the sun had even come up or perhaps that's all just in my mind.

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