Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 2. Day 92. Those puppy dog eyes

Okay, I promise that my blog from this day on will not be a daily tribute to the new man in my life but, hey, he might only be a small bundle of joy but he's the biggest thing that's happened around our place for quite some time so I will permit myself the unusual luxury of two consecutive shots on the same topic.
For the record, Rumple is, according to my vet friend a King Shit. That's a little vet joke for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/ Shih Tzu cross.
He's also 100 per cent cute and a very good boy (that was said in that cute sing song voice reserved for puppies and babies).
He is also a reminder that I'm seriously hopeless at being tough. Our first dog, Oscar, was going to sleep in the paved family room. That lasted one night. He seemed so sad and lonely on his own. He was on the bed on night two.
Our son had this beautiful cot that he never slept it. He seemed so sad and lonely on his own. And Rumple was going to sleep in the laundry. That, I think, lasted about three minutes. But I'm improving. He didn't sleep on the bed just by it in a pile of my dirty washing because he seems to find my smell strangely comforting.
And earlier today after being left alone for all of an hour, he greeted the boy and me with a welcome  reserved for superstars or returning service personnel. Yep, he's made himself right at home and made a place for himself right in our hearts.
So I'd be lying if I said there will be no more Rumple photos - but not tomorrow. Although tomorrow he is having his first vet visit and shots. That could be cute ...

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  1. Oh Susan, he's just gorgeous. And you are now a new Mum all over again!!!!! If you have Foxtel, then its re-runs of Cesar Millan for you and Rumple so he doesn't take over your household! Well done.