Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 14. Day 104. Superheroes

Do you ever wonder what super power you would choose if the super power gods decided to show some largess to us mere mortals? Hell I do.
As a mother I often feel like I am already called on to have eyes in the back of my head, be able to read minds and to somehow be two places at once.
That's novice stuff. But sometimes the pressure to be Wonder Woman - a pressure I fully admit comes mainly from myself - wears very, very thin. As I said yesterday, at the moment I am having difficulty holding the tuckshop lady arms up to the world and declaring in the way of Batfink: "Your bullets can not harm me. My wings are like a shield of steel". The shield of steel is feeling just a bit rusted and not quite bulletproof at the moment.
Which is why I commend the group that I ran into at South Bank this afternoon. These caped crusaders were promoting Capril A Beyond Blue anti depression and anxiety initiative. The idea is to encourage people to go about their everyday activities in April wearing a super hero cape to let people suffering know there is help available.
A gold star and an elephant stamp for whoever came up with that. Some days just getting out of bed seems to require a superhuman effort. It's like there's a big ball of kryptonite in the room. Knowing there is a utility belt out there if you are not afraid to ask is a great start. You guys really are heroes. The costumes rock too.

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  1. Just a small clarification, Capril supports the efforts of beyondblue: the national depression and anxiety initiative by choosing to fundraise for them, and to also remove the stigma associated with depression and mental illness. Otherwise we are not affiliated in anyway. Just gotta make that all clear that we are seperate from them. :-) Still good to see that we're getting more coverage this year.