Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 28. Day 118. Why would you live anywhere else?

I've made some duff decisions in my time the most costly of which (at least in $$$ terms) involve property. Calculating the cost in other terms is considerably more problematic even with the benefit of hindsight. Anyway I am in no doubt that our current property is a winner for oh so many reasons not least of which is its proximity to South Bank.
South Bank is, I believe, our city's greatest man-made asset with its weather being top of the list when it comes to natural assets. Both were on display at their finest today in a celebration to mark Expo 88 which began in Brisbane 25 years ago this week on the site we now know as South Bank. Expo is widely credited with being the landmark event that turned Brisbane into a true international city. Those of us who remember the 80s know that it was indeed a turning point and the fact that the Expo site lives on in the outdoor entertainment space that is South Bank means the legacy remains for all to see. And today we got to celebrate in more tangible terms with a party. Given that I find myself at South Bank many times a week I was not going to let this opportunity go by. So there I was front and centre at 80s band Pseudo Echo took to the stage and as the youth circus Flipside performed. Many of the people in the crowd weren't born when the stilt walking butterflies first entertained Brisbane's crowds at Expo 88 but that didn't matter. It was still a great family day out in the Brisbane sun. Deciding to ignore my bad back and make the trip down nostalgia lane will also go down in the column of good decisions I have made.

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