Saturday, April 13, 2013

April 13. Day 103. Grey and miserable

I could blame the weather for the great cloud that seemed to follow my every move today. And it has to be said the bleakness did not help. At all. But there is more to it. Much more. Like the fact that for a so called smart person I can be really stupid and a very slow learner.
Some years back, also on a Saturday, I ended up in the GP's surgery dehydrated and very ill because of a flair up of a chronic inflammatory disease. As I was taken off to hospital and put on a drip I confessed that, well, I had stopped taking my medication because I was feeling okay.  Clearly I didn't actually bother to think through why I was feeling okay. Lesson learned the hard way. Never again.
A few weeks ago I stopped antidepressant medication because I really didn't think it was helping. Went cold turkey.
The big black cloud and its mate the black dog that have been circling since would suggest that it was working far better than I gave it credit for.
Let's just say I've had far better days than today.
So lesson learned this time hopefully for good.
As the photo shows, I can be a bit of a drip. But in the words of Annie, I feel confident the sun will come out tomorrow.

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