Sunday, February 4, 2018

February 4. Day 35. Beached

The weather was looking far better today. The beach, however, not so much, literally. There's not so much beach. At high tide there is very little in the way of sand between the dunes and the water. Erosion. That's a topic I know quite a lot about. I have sat through council meeting after council meeting for hours and hours on end listening to debates about what to do about the problem. Whether it be the Noosa Shire Council discussing Main Beach or the (then) Caboolture Shire Council discussing Bribie Beach, the issues were pretty much the same. The beach is an important asset. No beach = no tourists. Erosion endangers property and impacts the community. But erosion is also a natural cycle.
The beach comes, the beach goes.
Repeat. Pumping sand is expensive and temporary. In the end, the councils always decided to pump, occasionally imposing a levy on beach-side properties to pay for it. The big pumping machines arrived.
The beach looked awesome for a while. Before long there would be another meeting discussing what to do with the eroded beach. It doesn't seem to have reached that point yet but I'm pretty sure the councils, local landholders and everyone who uses the beach regularly is watching on with interest.

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