Tuesday, February 13, 2018

February 13. Day 44. I don't mean to be catty but ....

I'll let you in on a little secret. I don't actually hate cats, although I do a pretty good job of giving that impression. However, an allergy to the hair of many cats isn't an endearing trait. I fully admit that the wheezing and sneezing is of my making and not the cats' so I will take full responsibility.
My "problem" with cats is that they are not dogs.
My family has always had dogs. I know dogs. I adore dogs. I get dogs. Cats are more of a mystery and I think they like it that way. But sometimes I see a cat that stops me in its tracks. Today that was Chairman Meow. The purebred Tonkinese was being walked on his lead by his human Mark outside the Powerhouse. A big dog approached. He staged a sit down strike, in exactly the same way Rumple does in the same situation. I started to like this cat more. This pampered puss was sounding more and more like my dogs. Further evidence was revealed through CM's Instagram site (seriously, what sort of a human has an Insta site for a pet? Don't answer that). There's footage of CM in the dishwasher. On May 17 last year there's a pic of Rumple in the dishwasher. There are pics of CM in a Santa outfit. Yep. We have those too. There's CM in Halloween gear. Tick. He's on a laptop. Tick. In a cafe. Tick. Being carried on a human's shoulder like a parrot. Tick. Tick. Tick. This cat has style. Doggy style.

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