Monday, February 26, 2018

February 25. Day 56. Haunted house

I seriously hope Jean Trundle is okay with what I saw at Brisbane Arts Theatre today.
I'm not actually referring to the action on stage. Jean founded Brisbane Arts Theatre with her husband Vic Hardgraves in 1936 so she was clearly a lover of the performing arts. However, she died in July 1965 and was cremated so I doubt she care much one way or the other about Shrek The Musical. But her ghost is believed to haunt the theatre and I'd been repeatedly told "her" seat in the back row of the balcony was always left empty. But today the Full House sign was up outside the theatre and indeed every seat was filled. Every seat. Including Jean's seat. I don't believe in ghosts but I do love a good ghost story and it would have pleased me greatly to see that one empty seat (as long as the empty seat wasn't the one my bum was meant for). Shrek was a huge amount of fun. For the record I think Jean would have really enjoyed it. There was one small hitch. Donkey's entrance didn't quite go to plan and involved a stunt double losing a limb. The cast turned it into a moment and all was good but perhaps that was ghostly work at play. Part of me likes to think so.


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