Sunday, February 25, 2018

February 24. Day 55. Dramatic licence

Before there was a Drama Teen there was a Drama Three-een. Brisbane Arts Theatre was one of two companies that had a pivotal role in creating the dramatic individual that occupies the bedroom down the hall.
He was three when I first bought tickets for him to see Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves at Brisbane Arts Theatre.
He was hooked  performed in many children's shows there including, as it happens, Ali Baba.
We both continue to hold a great affection for the place.
I feel it my duty to direct other impressionable young dramatic individuals along the same path.
Enter Miss Molly. I have already been instrumental in convincing Molly's parents to enrol her in Fame.  Task one of two completed.
So when we were asked to occupy Molly for a few hours while the family moved house, the distraction of choice was a no-brainer: Arts Theatre. Miss Molly sat transfixed while watching 12 Dancing Princesses.
When the show was over, it was Oliver who led her around to have her program signed. There was a light in her eyes just as there had been in his at the same age.
She carefully studied the season guide and when asked which of the remaining show she would like to see she said "all of them".
Job done. Sorry Tiania and Jamie. I have ruined your child. You can thank me later.

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