Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9. Day 120. Ghastly ghost story. Review. The Curiosity Experiment. Anywhere Festival

Even in broad daylight, there is an eerie aura around Ecclectica: Esoteric Books & Curiosities in West End. Perhaps it's the stuffed animals on the walls, the skeletons, skulls, dolls' heads without dolls or taxidermy. I walk past and find myself drawn to it almost despite myself in the same way as I might view a horror movie  - I watch it with a pillow over my head simultaneously wanting to see it and not see it. So if you wanted a venue to host a dramatic ghost story there could be none better in Brisbane than Ecclectica. It didn't disappoint. Written and directed by Nathan Schultz, The Curiosity Experiment takes those who dare on a journey back in time to April 14, 1965.  You are invited to a table in the dimly lit store and encouraged to put on a costume piece. The butler  (played by Brad Phillips) instructs you to take a seat at the table where he is about to reveal all he knows about what happened in this very room exactly two years earlier. Then, the  known party planner Mrs Delamere (Isabella O'Callaghan), announced that at this year's annual gathering she had a surprise planned. Those who survived that night remember the "surprise" involved an experiment, an experiment those at the table are about to recreate. Put on a blind fold, drink from a carafe and endure all the freaky touchy feely stuff you'd expect if you entered a carnival haunted house. And like a carnival ride there should be  a warning that this wild ride is best attempted only by those with a strong heart and a mind prone to flights of imagination. It's fine entetainment for those who dare. The Curiosity Experiment continues until May 21 at 7.30pm.
The Anywhere Festival website has more details.

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