Friday, May 13, 2016

May 13. Day 134. Beautiful people

Why exactly is so much of the fashion designed for woman actually fit only for prepubescent stick insects? It's not that I have a problem with the prepubescent body. I don't. It's perfect. On females who have not yet had a big fact shot of hormones. Once that happens women develop hips and thighs and boobs, a fact that seems to have escaped so many of the stockists of clothing for those born with XX chromosomes. This is why the launch of  the new range by Tracey Watkins the founder of Brisbane label White Label Noba is so exciting. Tracey worked and modelled for Maggie Tabberer and then pursued her own interior design business. There she noticed so many women of substance were dressed in unattractive stretch fabrics principally because that was about the only option readily available to them. It took her mother's battle with Alzheimer's to provide the impetus to stop, re-evaluate and take the plunge into clothing design. White Label Noba was born. The original vision was to dress plus-size women in beautiful clothing but that bloomed into a more generous brief to create clothes for women of ALL shapes and sizes.  This season is the label's fourth and the launch today was at the Royals Equestrian Centre at the RNA. It was a beautiful setting which was just perfect for the beautiful range of clothing designed for real women. No horsing around.

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