Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 17. Day 138. Sick as a dog

Shoot me now. Just do it, it's the kindest thing. I'm as sick as a dog, apparently a phrase that dates back to the early 1700s when dogs were considered disease-ridden flea bags. My dogs are not disease-carrying or flea ridden and they are not sick but you get the idea. A vomiting bug from hell struck this morning. Quite sensibly the humans kept their distance. Dogs are not like that. Dogs sense illness and their natural instinct is to stay close and protect. It's another reason I love them even in Winkle's idea of staying close was to squeeze her head between mine and the toilet bowl. It probably isn't the type fo "help" I needed in the moment. It didn't matter. The dogs had a prior appointment at the groomers. So off all the family went to thier commitments leaving me to my own misery. All day I lay there and after many hours vomit-free I decided I was good to make the short drive to pick up the fur kids at the groomers. Turns out that the lack of movement and food and not the good health fairy were responsible for the "recovery". The dogs may have looked a picture of grace and dignity but the owner vomiting into a bin on the footpath outside the store not so much. It's a family thing. My husband did much the same thing outside Brisbane airport on Friday night. Generously he shared the love. It has to be said it's totally something that's going around. As one of my Facebook friends commented: "Been there, done that weekend before last... Makes you thankful for every other day you have existed without it..." I couldn't agree more. Now excuse me while I die.

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