Friday, May 27, 2016

May 27. Day 148. Climb every mountain

Brisbane traffic you suck. It's not "peak hour" as such but the school peak that really sucks. People  expect a 5pm rush home but not gridlock mid afternoon. Who made 3pm a peak in anyone's language? Well Brisbane, especially on a Friday. I decided after a week of marking and health hell that what we all needed was to escape to the beach. And the dogs, of course, agreed. I promised them we would be romping on the beach by late afternoon. I lied. By mid afternoon I was on the Bruce Highway. By later in the afternoon I was still on the highway just a closer to the destination. The journey should have been no more than 90 minutes on a bad day, this was clearly a very bad day. Realising we weren't going to make it to the beach in daylight, I reassessed and turned off along the old highway, now known as the Steve Irwin Way. Even though I drove that highway for five years not once did I turn off and follow the sign to the Glasshouse Mountains lookout. Today I did and the dogs and I sprinted along the 800 metre circuit. Trust me, even though light was fading, I would have been prepared to take it more slowly. The excited dogs refused to play along. So we may have arrived too late for the sand and sea but we did get a rather nice view of the hinterland. I'll take that (and the dogs clearly weren't complaining).
Today's steps:15, 923

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