Friday, May 6, 2016

May 6. Day 127. The Cat's Whiskers

I don’t like Cats – either the musical or the animals. In fact I’m allergic, not to the musical although some of the amateur productions of the Andrew Lloyd Webber "favourite" based on TS Eliot's poems could easily have seen me break out in hives. Still while not a cat person as such I am an animal lover, a devotee of 612 ABC Brisbane and a very keen photographer. So finding out there would be a studio full of cats this morning just before my regular segment was all the incentive I needed to get out of bed early and head to the South Bank studios with my camera in hand.  The Birman Cat Fanciers Club of Queensland will tomorrow hold its annual all breeds cat show at the Bracken Ridge State High School and cat fancier broadcaster Spencer Howson and his cat fancier producer Bernadette Young decided that was all the excuse they needed to hold a cat club meeting of their own this morning. It was a record in terms of cats in the studio - 14 in all. They performed like champions which, because it is radio, means they meowed on cue. And if you promise not to tell either Rumple or Winkle I admit they were exceptionally cute. I wasn't in heaven like Mr Howson but I discover this breed isn't one that has my nose streaming and eyes reduced to slits. This is good. I always suspected it was the short haired ones I had a problem with and as the hair on the studio chairs revealed, Birmans are not that. If you want to see for yourself, there will be cuddle cats at tomorrow's show.

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