Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 19. Day 140. Music to my ears. Review One Note Stand. Anywhere Festival

Have you even seen one of those acts were technically everything was okay, good even, but you kind of felt that the performer or performers were tired. That this was the end of a long tour or a long season or a long career and the joy was gone, it was jaded  and what you were seeing was a performer going through the motions? Even the ad libs felt forced. Tonight's performance by Choral Pleasure was the anthisisis of that. This was so freshly baked that when the audience requested - no demanded - not one but two encores the four young men looked at one another shrugged and worked out on the spot what to sing. Their joy at performing together was as obvious as it was infectious. The quartet of Indigenous singers - Jalen Sutcliffe, Dylan Hoskins, Jacob Ridgeway and Jay Bushby - grooved, crooned and belted their way through favourites past and current as well as original numbers. Their diverse singing backgrounds - contemporary, jazz, blues - which combined beautifully in the group numbers but were also showcased individually in the solos and duets. Their harmonies were so beautiful it was hard to believe this was their very first performance together as a quartet but on the other hand that must have had something to do with the genuine freshness and excitement the performance oozed. As the title of this Anywhere Festival performance Three Nights Only - One Note Stand! suggests this season lasts for only three nights. Let us hope the quartet's endurance as a "thing" lasts far, far longer. It deserves to. Three Nights Only - One Note Stand! as part of the Anywhere Festival continues at the Little Tivoli (Flipside Circus Training Centre) 117 Mina Parade, Alderly, only until Saturday. For tickets visit the Anywhere Festival site

Jacob Ridgeway

Jay Bushby

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