Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 31. Day 152. In a flap

 If a walk on the beach with dog equals Susan's calm place, what exactly would be the fast lane to the agitated space?
Any of the following might do the trick:
  •  Marking. Enough said.
  • A visit to a Medicare office. There's nothing like a queue and government form filling to raise the stress levels. The "gap" between what the doctor's charge and what the refund is sends the stress levels into stratosphere territory
  • Paying a bill at council business centre. Winkle is now an official member of our household. The procedure was far more painful than it needed to be
  • A specialist's waiting room, clearly called that because you wait, and wait and wait. Leaving with a colonoscopy prep kit and a booking for the world's least attractive screening procedure is just awesome for the soul. Not.
  • Dealing with tragically poor customer service. Nasty letter written, the results of which will determine how much of that complaint finds its way into the public domain. Watch this space.
Any one of those things might undo the calm of the Coast. Today I had each and every one on the agenda. Stressy Susan. In a desperate need to feel sand between my toes I went to Southbank Beach. The seagulls flapping about described my mood perfectly. Lots of action, getting nowhere. Yep, that's today for you.
Total steps in this madness: 18, 118

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