Saturday, May 14, 2016

May 14. Day 135. Off the leash

It's the siblings who suffer. If there's a sick child in the family, understandably that's where all the attention falls. The well child can end up missing out. Such has been the experience of Rumple for the past 10 days. The instructions after Winkle's desexing were to keep her quiet, a term that is not in her vocabulary. Rumple is gentle and calm. Winkle is crazy and keeping her sedate was always going to be a team effort with the whole pack on effective bed rest. So when Rumple dropped his ball at my feet in expectation, I had to ignore it. There were no walks or wrestling. All efforts were channelled into Operation Stitch Protection and even then it looked like we would need to drug her into submission. But somehow we survived and today the stitches came out. House arrest was over and we drove straight from the vet to the off leash area along Kedron Brook for a romp. Both dogs acted like all their Christmases had come at once.
 There was no hiding the joy of both dogs and of the dog owner who had feared internal bleeding as a consequence of failing to calm the crazy. Like children, they might not have understood why we were being so "mean" but they sure as hell noticed when the tight leash was removed and didn't they go for it. It was a celbration for every woman and he dogs.

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