Friday, May 6, 2016

May 6. Day 127.2. Special Post. Review. The Gremlins. Anywhere Festival

 What's worse than having your nipple tweated by an alcohol-fueled Grant Hackett while in business class? The service you'll get by The Gremlins flight crew. They'll steal your watch or your phone or perhaps even your jar of nuts. You have to laugh, and laugh and laugh.
From the moment you rock up to the circus tent created from T Shirts in the shadow of the still charred remains of the old Red Hill Skate Arena you know you are in for a flight with a great deal of turbulence and even more mirth.
The Gremlins - Yadek Gromlot (Daniel Gorski), Mofball Gromlot (Caitlin Armstrong), Gargarov Gromlot (Kristian Santic) and Pensil Similiak (Thomas Albert)  - are a dysfunctional family of flight-obsessed creatures who decide to set up their own budget airline Airlinius. Actually finishing the plane first might have been a good idea.
"Do you have any explosives?" the girl on the check-in asked. "Yes? Good. Keep them at the top of your bag because you might need to throw them if we need help taking off." As if having to pay for inflight food isn't bad enough.

 The Gremlins, a street/outdoor theatre project based on clown and physical comedy, was developed for the Woodford Folk Festival in 2010. Since then Bent Schematic has taken the project from the beach in Cairns to the Adelaide Fringe and now strap yourself in Brisbane, it's our turn. This is slapstick at it's best. The crazed energy and clowning around combines for an explosive hour of joy. In fact, the facial expressions of Caitlin Armstrong's Mofball were alone worth the admission cost. This is inflight entertainment at it's best - and you won't even have to endure watching the flight attendant  showing you how to buckle a seat belt.
* Warning. Bread and potatoes were hurt in this production. Your splitting sides may be another casualty

 The Gremlins is playing at the Old Skate Arena, Corner of Musgrave Road and Enogerra Terrace, Red Hill at 7pm nightly until May 21.
To book visit the Anywhere Festival website

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