Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 3. Day 124. Downward dog

Let us have a bit of a reality check. I am at my most balanced on the beach. No, I am not the person balancing on one arm in a yoga pose greeting the rising sun. My levels of coordination are such that any such attempt would earn either a face full of sand or a place on Australia's Funniest Home Videos. Possibly both. I am not the person balancing on a board. The rules of physics would quickly rule that one out. I'm not even like Winkle who spends a fair bit of time on the beach jumping up on and then balancing her weight on Rumple. Should I try that on any of my siblings we would all most likely die in the attempt. The balance the beach brings is in perspective and priorities. For weeks I've been sick and tired of being sick and tired. I've consulted doctors and taken a pharmacy load of medication but have I taken time out or time off? No, I have not. But today I did. There was this meeting I should have been at. If I was in Brisbane I would have been there regardless of my state of health or mind. But today it would have meant driving away from the beach. I considered it and did what I should have done weeks ago - went back to bed. After lunch I got up and took the dogs to the beach because rest and fresh air and sunshine are pretty much literally what the doctor ordered. Funnily until today that message was obscured by (prescription) drugs and duty. That insanity was washed away with the tide. Until tomorrow.

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  1. Well, if this is as close as you get to actually doing yoga (I live in hope), it's no bad thing. Looks divine.