Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30. Day 151. Energised

Duracell or Energizer?
So asked one man on the beach when Rumple and Winkle arrived at sunrise this morning.
The lead came off and Rumple charged up the sand and Winkle leaped and leaped and leaped.
She might have been auditioning for a replacement for that Energizer bunny.
For all of us, the beach recharges the batteries.
We dragged ourselves from bed in the dark and were there as the first rays were appearing on the horizon.
Of course, some show offs were already leaving having completed their morning routine.
Others were out in the surf ocean swimming.
Big gold star for them. Personally I like to see sand beneath my feet and not just feel it (perhaps because I can trip over my feet in bright sunlight.
I don't need the handicap of darkness).
Also I like birds and even the early bird doesn't choose to start work until dawn.
We had a good long walk before having to pack the car and head home.
Boo hoo.
But the really great thing about this long weekend away was it showed me there was a really awesome dog beach at Caloundra.
Until this point, we've headed considerably further north into the Noosa Shire for our slice of dog beach action.
Finding the Currimundi section of dog beach has opened up a new possibility much closer to home.
So excited was I by this that I booked a beach front house for two weeks at Christmas.
But if you think that's it for me and the beach until December 17, you are dreaming.
My little Energizer Doggies will be on my case long before that. We all need a recharge at fairly regular intervals.
Today's steps: 14 356. I can only imagine how many the fur friends covered charging up the beach and back.

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