Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 4. Day 125. All stitched up

Some people might think my latest acquisition is a bit weird, and by some people I mean everyone. The sweet little puppy Winkle was desexed today and her uterus is now in a bottle in my dresser. It's not my fault. When my vet friend Dr Bernie desexed Rumple he sent home his testicles. So I kept them as a curio. That being the case, as an equal opportunity dog owner, it would have been wrong not to treat Winkle's bits in the same way. So when back at Dr Bernie's today I asked for the byproducts to be bottled. Apparently, it was something no-one had asked for before. Who would have thought? So I now have his and her bottles in the dresser. You might as well laugh especially after a stressful day waiting for both Winkle and Rumple to undergo their procedures (Rumple was having his teeth scaled and cleaned also under anaesthetic). As any parent knows the wait is extremely trying. The good news is that both patients are well and both back home where they belong.

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