Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2. Day 123. A comedy of errors

If today was the plot of a Sit Com, no one would believe it. It started out sanely enough. In a desperate desire to get away I booked a place on the Sunshine Coast at the very last minute. Drama Teen and my sister Lisa and our combined collection of three fur friends - Rumple, Winkle and Shadow - came along for the ride. We arrived and the house owner explained that new wiring around the deck would keep the dogs in while we unpacked the cars. Winkle was under that and out before I reached the footpath. She's like that. Dog one recaptured. We unpacked and Lisa and I and the dogs walked to the beach - about 15 minutes away across the busy David Low Way. The dogs took to it like dogs to water but at some point we noticed Shadow was missing. A long and frantic search uncovered not a trace. Panic. Until the phone rang. Oliver back at the holiday house announced that Shadow had come home. A furious man had brought him in after finding him wandering outside. We still don't know how that's even possible but dog two was recaptured. If Lisa wasn't so pleased to see Shadow was alive she would have killed him. Okay, time for a drink and dinner. I'll dial take aways. Has anyone seen my phone? Nope. Not a trace. Lisa rings it and a man picks it
up. He found it buried in the sand on the beach. Right, that panic over. We'll go and get the phone. We head to the car at which point Rumple escapes. Well, it was his turn and he only wanted to come for the drive. Dog three and phone recaptured. And this was supposed to be a relaxing exercise. Still a day at the beach is better than a day just about anywhere else especially when all's well that ends well. And I'll tell you what we enjoyed that glass of wine and Thai take-away (the 15% public holiday surcharge was not so enjoyable but you get that).

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