Sunday, February 7, 2016

February 7. Day 38. Play time

I am sure there are people in theatre circles who assume I'm a single mum. For about 15 years my Plus One at venues around town has always been my son and never my husband. The reason? I prefer a theatre date who is awake. No matter how loud, how dynamic, how captivating, Charles has napped his way through. The only plays he chooses are at the bridge table. So when he suggests we all go to a One Act Play production a colleague is involved with we 1) assume we must have heard something wrong and 2) agree. So it was that this afternoon the family headed to Wurtulla for Caloundra Chorale's production Eat, Play, Love. While I don't think Charles will be signing up for a season ticket to any theatre company any time soon he did do better than I would at a bridge tournament so I guess that's something. So we may not agree on the question of the stage or the card table but there is something we can all agree on. For relaxation, taking the dogs to the beach is hard to beat. The dogs certainly agree on that point too.

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