Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 24. Day 55. Against a brick wall

What's the best thing about hitting your head against a brick wall? When you stop.
Not exactly original but one of the many sayings of my late father.
There was another wall one too. "There we were, 50 against one, backs against the wall ... so we beat the crap out of both of them".
To be honest, they were the cleaner ones. You know that line from The Man From Snowy River "the man who holds his own is good enough"? My father's version was "the man who holds his own is a wanker". But back to the brick wall. Today was a bit of a brick wall kind of day. Eventually, as a way of self defence, I left the laptop mid afternoon and went to the movies. By the time I emerged the light was fading. What you see is a noisy miner with the background created by the setting sun illuminating the brick wall of the unit block across the road. Its back is against the wall, as it was. It's a trick of the light but if it works, it works and it's better than beating your head ...

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