Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 14. Day 45. Love is ....

I used to think Valentine's Day was a cynical Hallmark occasion. I no longer believe that, mainly because online communication technology and the price of stamps means no-one sends cards any more. Sure, it's still a cynical occasion just not a Hallmark one. Anyway why should one day a year be devoted to the ones we love? What about the other 364 (or this year 365 days)? Also, it's such a narrow definition of love and only one piece of the relationship puzzle. Luckily for me, this Valentine's Day was spent in a place that I love with most of those most important to me. Late checkout meant that until lunch time I was at the beach with my husband, my son, my mum and the dogs. And in the evening there was a gathering with my sisters and their husbands and offspring. And that's the way it should be except that tomorrow I have to go back to work. At least I think I do. There's still a Lotto ticket from Saturday's draw in my wallet. Until I check it, there's still hope it's a winner. I love that as a possibility too.

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