Thursday, February 18, 2016

February 18. Day 49. Me and my big mouth

 Some times you need to know when to shut the **** up. I mean it's not rude to not engage in a conversation with every random who says "hello". This bloke at South Bank started a conversation about the ducklings and how cute they were. I remarked that I had seen them yesterday and they were indeed cute but today they had escaped me. "Over there" he said and gestured to follow. It was in the open and very public so no harm could come of it except for the ear bashing. In seconds, cute duckling conversation went to nature, Jesus, climate change, refugees who aren't, World War I and II, the bible foreseeing Japanese nuclear disaster, Syria, more about refugees who aren't, terrorism, the world being doomed, how he was a father at 16, smoking and more stuff I now can't remember or am trying to forget. I opened my mouth but there are no words for some things. The more I protested that I had to go and backed away at a million miles an hour the more views I got. He talked about the peace nature provided and then did everything he could to shatter the peace. I never did find the ducklings. I think they heard me coming. Perhaps it was my silent screams.

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