Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22. Day 53. A great leap forward

Today was a landmark day. Today Drama Teen began his new full-time acting course. In a way it was a great leap forward into a brave near future. In a way it was one small step along a path he has been following since he was five, or perhaps even earlier. At five, he started Fame. For at least two years leading up to that he'd been lobbying, having been told at Fame school holiday shows that students could join the company at five. He walked through the door like he belonged there. At no time in the intervening years has he ever wavered from the idea that a career as an actor was a career of choice. The 12 years of schooling were, in his mind, only a necessary evil to unlock the door to this new future. It was a case, in the words of 70s TV show Kung Fu "patience grasshopper"And now the future is here, at long last. Jump to it young man.

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