Saturday, February 13, 2016

February 13. Day 44. Lessons in life

Lessons from life confirmed by the dogs on the beach:
If you want something done properly do it yourself.
I throw the ball. The dogs fetch it. That’s how it works, until it doesn’t.  There comes a point when the dogs take off after the ball and decide that chasing each other is far more fun. Then it ball becomes about as visible as a wet towel on the floor or the dishwasher to other members of the family. If I want the ball, I have to fetch it myself.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure:
 The pockets of my backpack are well stocked with a supply of balls. The dogs love those balls BUT they are not a patch on the secret treasures Winkle collects for herself. On every trip, she comes back with come little thing she as discovered on the walk. She has brought home seed pods and bark and shells and sticks. She guards them with her life. She loves them. Heaven help anyone who tries to dispose of them.

Some people can dish it out but not take it:
Pretty much all day every day Winkle jumps all over Rumple. She pulls his ears. She steals his things. She is a little terror. Rumple takes it and takes it. On the beach he rather enjoys a rumble and Winkle doesn’t like it anywhere near as much when she’s on the receiving end. She is like the naughty child who always manages to torment when the teacher is looking away but is able to time it to look like a victim when the eyes fall on him.
Some people are slow learners:
 Earlier this week, Winkle took on a crab. She learned nothing.

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