Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 16. Day 47. Blue ribbon performance

"I like a bit of length, particularly at the front, to protect the natural curl".
This was the instruction from Drama Teen to the dog groomers about to cut Winkle's hair. Now where had I heard that before? Actually, that's almost exactly what he tells the stylist about to trim his own locks. Perhaps, right there, is the reason dogs and their owners start to look alike. If so, what does it say about Rumple and myself? I believe I used phrases such as "feral after a couple of weeks at the beach", "needs a good tidy up" and "won't be able to see soon if we don't get that hair out of the eyes" again not unlike what I say to my hairdresser. I didn't see the dogs perusing old editions of Who Weekly for celebrity gossip but other than that the experience - and the cost - seems not all that different. I do, however, think the dogs have a couple of advantages. No loud blaring music and they are not expected to engage in mindless salon prattle plus they get a bow. It's a dog's life, I'm telling you.

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