Sunday, February 21, 2016

February 21. Day 52. Flutter by

 The  Bug Catcher and the butterfly net. I loved them although in my hands both were pretty much useless. According to the ad there would be this Gotcha moment. You'd sneak up on some bug and go "aaahh gotcha". That NEVER worked for me but it didn't mean I'd stop trying. Exactly what I would have done with the critters had I caught them remains unclear. Killed them, I suspect. Probably just as well. Anyway, the child who was forever trying to sneak up on a butterfly re-emerged today in New Farm park. I saw it in the bushes and I followed it along an unofficial path I secretly suspect is used more at night. I think it was toying with me to be honest flying close and then away again, probably trying to sus out if I had a Bug Catcher in my bag. Nope, all I had was a big lens. Take only pictures as they say. I'm happy enough with that. At least nothing died.

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