Saturday, February 6, 2016

February 6. Day 37. Birth order

It’s an accident of birth order. In my opinion where you come in the family determines a whole lot. 
My older sister, the first born, was the boss. What she said went and we all fell into line. Even my parents seemed to bend to her will. 
I say this with absolutely no bitterness. 
It was just the way it was. Some times it still is. For all organisations to succeed, everyone needs to have defined roles. That was hers.  As the oldest, she was born to it. 
So it is with Rumple. 
He’s the first born of ny fur babies so his word goes. As I see it, the mark of a good leader is to only assert your authority where it is needed. That’s Rumple. 
Most of the time, Winkle is the one calling the shots. 
She jumps on him and steals his things and he just takes it. But when it really matters to him he puts his paw down and will not bend until everyone follows. 
So it was today. 
It was windy and unforgiving and the beach seemed like a bad idea. 
We’ll take the path, I thought. Rumple was having none of it. We walked from the unit the short distance to where the track to the beach and the dune path intersected. 
Winkle, Drama Teen and I turned away from the beach track. Rumple stopped and staged a sit down strike. I pulled him up. 
He turned his body to the beach. 
The oldest fur child had decided we were going to the beach. 
We all fell into line. 
He was right. 
After a bit a cold and wet Winkle did want to get picked up for a cuddle but her role as the baby of the family gives her that right and Drama Teen was happy to oblige. 
And as the second born and therefore the peacemaker my job was to ensure it all went smoothly. It did. I was born to it.

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