Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1. Day 32. Thrown in the deep end

 As someone who only had one human child, I never had to deal with second child syndrome (despite the fact I am a second child). Second children have a lot to live up to but don't get the same one-on-one. With our first children are over protective, nurturing. Subsequent children have to be more resilient. So it is with Winkle. Rumple we introduced gradually to the beach and watched to make sure he didn't drown, or wasn't harassed by other dogs and so on. Winkle we just let loose. It was a bit sink or swim and she took to it swimmingly. Part of this is that she has someone to look up to and learn from. Part of this is a very different temperament. She is fiercely independent and a real go-getter. As it turns out she is also a real beach babe.
This beach holiday will be awesome

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