Saturday, February 27, 2016

February 27. Day 58. The price you pay

 Actions have consequences. It was a theme that kept coming up today. Yesterday we went to Nudgee Beach. Today the dogs had to pay the price. It would be fair to say that the pampered pooches don't much like a cold bath. A cold swim is good. A cold bath not so much. The whinge a lot. Too bad, so sad doggies. It's a small price to pay. Then I went to the theatre - twice as you do when you are me. SmallWar at the Brisbane Powerhouse was about the personal price people pay for war. It was an intensely moving piece about the consequences on war on those who fight and those who love and care for them. And then in the evening it was Queensland Theatre Company's The Secret River a must-see production about the consequences the arrival of white settlers had on Indigenous Australians. Never have I seen an audience leave the theatre as quietly. There were no words just a small river of tears

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