Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 3. Day 34. Weather watch

I like to think that one a beach holiday I have not a care in the world but this isn’t true. There is one – the weather. It’s kind of perverse but what the weather is doing seems to impact on me more when I have nothing else to worry about. Phrases such as “it’s too hot to go on to the beach”, “must get that walk in before the storm” or “the wind is whipping up the sand” spring into my mind and often out of my mouth even if there is no-one to listen or care. As the Crowded House song goes “Always take the weather with you”. As it was raining last night when I went to bed and still raining at some time during the early hours of the morning, I almost talked myself out of getting out of bed to hit the beach early. “It will still be raining” the weather forecaster in my head said, ignoring the light peeping through the blockout blind. I may have fooled myself but the dogs were having none of it. At their insistence we hit the beach. Perfect if was too. Then the rains came. Then the storm and then it cleared just in time for the afternoon walk. Perfect again. A new motto is needed. Coming. Weather or not

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