Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 10. Day 41. Don't be a galah

Rain, rain go away. Come again another day. By another day, naturally I mean a day when I am not at the beach. This morning’s walk was cut short because the approaching rain approached far quicker than I had expected. But I refused to be deterred. While the others decided to put a wet weather plan in action and head to the cinemas, I volunteered to be the designated dog minder. Sure I love the flicks as much as anyone but if the choice is a dark cinema or a walk on a stormy beach with the dogs (after a nap), I’ll pass on the popcorn. It is a condition of the beach house rental that the dogs are not left at the property alone. I get that many people would see this as a fine reason not to bring the dogs in the first place. If you add the premium you end up paying for prime dog friendly holiday accommodation, I understand that many would roll their eyes and utter the words “boarding kennels”. To each his own but the true joy of a beach holiday is the walks on the beach with the dogs (and the naps). I won’t trade that, not for anything. Besides, if I was in the cinema I would have missed the rose breasted cockatoos coming in to feed on the trees at the back of the dunes. You’d be a galah to pass up that opportunity.

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