Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9. Day 191. Bird brained beauty routine

It may surprise people to learn of my beauty routine (actually you would only be surprised if you've never met me). Anyway here is the beauty routine revealed - there isn't one.
Cleansing equals water in shower when hair is washed. Moisturizing ditto. Hair care ditto but with the addition of supermarket brand shampoo and conditioner. Styling equals a towel and about 20 seconds with the blow dryer.
I'd like to say this is due to my natural beauty but in fact it is due to my natural laziness and a need to get out of the house on time.
Now I have often thought that it is a particular affliction of the human female that we feel the need to go through this complex beauty routine in any case - until you watch other species.
This morning on the beach (captured below) I watched the sea gulls pimping and preening, fluffing and picking and it was very clear that it's not that others over do it in this department but that I under do it in a very big way. In fact my approach to beauty is completely bird brained. It is also clear that spending time on beauty isn't something that runs in the family. Look at the delight on the face of my niece Amelia later in the day checking out the work of the Dreamworld facepainter. She clearly thinks the effort was well worth it.


  1. The benefits of the early morning walk. Searching for my shot here :)

    1. And the downside...when you take a shot later in the day you prefer....

  2. Now that is so very very true and it never gets to the see the light of day.. That is very sad really