Friday, July 6, 2012

July 6. Day 188. Over the moon

It's very lucky I wasn't born at a time or place where people used the celestial bodies for directions.
I am hopeless with a map, can't work out which direction I am heading in and I can get lost even with GPS devices in the car and on my phone. Sometimes I will tell people to turn left and then have to correct myself. Clearly I meant the other left (the one normal people refer to as right). Hopeless.
So the idea of using the sun, moon and stars to navigate is simply out of the question and today's photo is proof positive. A couple of days ago, just before dawn, I spied a potentially great photo on one of my normal walking routes. The moon was setting over a church dome. It looked great but I was rushing to get to an appointment so couldn't stop. So this morning I decided to go back at about the same time fully aware that the conditions and moon may have changed but it was worth a try.
I will never know if that photo would have worked because I couldn't find the church even though it is in an area that I walk several times a week. Like I said, hopeless.
But even I couldn't miss the big white ball in the sky and I really like the photo I ended up with. In fact, I'm over the moon.


  1. The dawn sky has been magnificent this week and I love the commentary you've written to go with a great photo.

  2. Nice!!! I did a post about moons at my place too. One not dissimilar to this one Susan... should we buy you a gps?