Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10. Day 192. Hair-raising

The best thing about being a child is that you can tie yourself in knots and have your hair stand on end without it being related to stress.
Both my niece Jess and I were exhibiting signs of that hair-raising stuff today. Ten-year-old Jess is a little monkey and loves just hanging around as she showed in the playground today. I, on the other hand, was waiting for a call from the mechanic after the car had to be towed from the highway last night.
I don't understand cars but I have come to learn that when a mechanic makes a "tutt tutt" noise you are about to experience a severe pain in the credit card. That is knot in the stomach stuff. I was steeling myself for it.
So while I watched Jess, the mechanic rang and he made noises. But they were not "tutt tutt" noises. Just all done. You can pick it up. Total damage $94.
If I was able to do cartwheels or headstands I would have been out there with Jess. I suspect had I tried tomorrow's post would be about the cost of a good chiropractor.


  1. Money ticks on the climbing frame, love the way kids can look so relaxed in these poses. I wish my limbs would still do that! thanks for linking up to Country Kids.