Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 1. Day 183. Macca on a Sunday morning

It's a funny thing how your brain paints pictures of people you've never met.
It's one of the reasons book lovers (like myself) often feel dissatisfied with the movie adaptations of their favourite story. In your head you KNOW how Harry Potter, Bella Swan or the Wimpy Kid are supposed to look.
For as long as I can remember I have heard Ian "Macca" McNamara on the radio on a Sunday morning. I don't recall ever having seen a photo of him.
The picture in my head was nothing like the reality. The voice behind Australia All Over was at Brisbane's South Bank Rainforest Green this morning for an outside broadcast to mark the 80th birthday of ABC radio.
I strolled down to have a look.
As always it was fascinating to see live radio happen. It's that duck on the water thing. Looks smooth on top but there's a whole lot of frantic paddling beneath the surface. Bit like my life really.

A Matter of Life and Death

While I love my radio, it's not a matter of life and death. CPR just might be and that's where Eric comes in.
Eric was in the front row of the Macca outside broadcast, sitting in a fold up chair with two dummies on his lap. It was impossible not to go up and say hello.
Eric's wife June Nielsen is a manager of the Local Ambulance Committee's CPR Awareness Program and the couple took advantage of the crowd being at South Bank to sell their message that we should all learn CPR.
The program offers CPR training to groups for $2. You don't take an exam and you don't get a certificate but you do learn skills that might just save a life.
You'd have to be a dummy not to take up an offer like that. Details at june.nielsen1@gmail.com

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