Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 18. Day 200. Totally rooted

Two hundred days down. I choose not to count how many images I have taken in that time. Too many.
How do I feel? Pleased to have survived the journey this long but slightly rooted by the whole thing if I'm entirely honest, hence this photo.
It's now back to the business end of the university cycle - Orientation Week for Semster 2 - so  today there were meetings, official student meet-and-greets and yet more forms.
The photo today had to be squeezed in between appointments and I took it in the work car park.
I like it because the tree's roots hang and are not in the ground. This plant seems to be able to suck the energy it needs from the air around it. This is quite the opposite to crazy, busy work days where the air seems to suck the energy out of you.
But anyway I just happen to like the way the roots look and that's what the Project has been best for - finding something beautiful in the every day even when you are feeling totally rooted.

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