Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 5. Day 187. Swingers

The world can be divided into two types of people. Those who like rides and those big wusses who stand by the rollercoaster and look after the bags. I'm the type of girl who is very happy to have my feet off the ground hanging from my feet. I guess that makes me a swinger. My three nieces Amelia, Cleo and Lucy also clearly love a swing as this moment captured at New Farm Park today shows.
Children never seem to get tired of being pushed on a swing. Squeals of  "higher" and "faster" go on for seemingly hours. What a great milestone it is when the little loves are finally big enough and strong enough to push themselves...right up to the point where you become one of the big wusses and you want to squeal "slower", "lower" or "hang on". I think the trick is to put sensible rules in place and then close your eyes and try to get in the swing of it.


  1. Your nieces look like such good sports. They are having a lovely time there, me? I would rather have my feet firmly on the ground and me doing the pushing! I love your description of letting go and closing your eyes. Very true! another great link up for Country Kids.

  2. They do look like they are having a great time.