Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 24. Day 206. Wheelie nice start to the day

A bird pooped on my head this morning. It wasn't even dawn yet and the early bird should surely have been off getting the worm but no it found time to drop its load right on top of me.
Had someone had a video camera on me at that moment it would be going viral on YouTube right now and I would be well on my way to my first million. Instead I got to go home and wash my hair.
That could have been enough to ruin a good walk but Brisbane is just glorious in the mornings right now and a morning walk really sets up the day. The light is lovely and it's cool and refreshing but not cold. Perfect.
Even though its only a week since I took a photograph of the Wheel of Brisbane, I really like this angle taken this morning.
A couple of things have happened since I last photographed the wheel. Sails have been erected so at night it can become a giant screen for a laser show. This also means its not operating right now which is a shame.
Only a week ago I rode the wheel with family in town on a visit and it was great. It wasn't my first wheel ride but I never tire of the view of the city from the gondolas.
I also never tire of the view of the wheel itself from South Bank or the city. It's a beautiful addition to the city.
Even a bit of bird poo conditioner isn't going to dampen my enthusiasm for that.

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