Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16. Day 198. In my beautiful balloon

When it comes to fear of heights two of the biggest sooky la las in the world were by late Dad and my next door neighbour Clare.
We still laugh at memories of the day we convinced Clare to take a ride on a Ferris wheel. Her knuckles were white as she gripped that bar and she was frozen in her seat but I'm sure she enjoyed it really. Well may be not.
And Dad you couldn't take anywhere near the edge of a great lookout or up the spire of an ancient Cathedral because there would be high bits. He was terrified.
Which makes it all the more surprising that they both agreed to a hot air balloon ride over Gatton AND they both really truly loved it. My fingers are not crossed as I type this or anything.
I thought about that this morning as I saw two high things - the Wheel of Brisbane and a hot air balloon in one frame of my camera (actually there are two balloons. The egg shape at the centre is the OVO balloon in town to promote the circus).
Hot air balloon travel is not scary. It is absolutely beautiful. The basket comes quite high up your body so there's no way you feel you can fall. It is so silent, so beautiful, so peaceful as you waft over town or country (I have tried both).
I can recommend it to anyone, even the big scaredy cat, dirty rats who don't like heights.
I reckon I'd have more chance of convincing Clare to take another hot air balloon ride than get on that wheel.

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