Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 11. Day 193. Sitting on the fence

I love the sections of the musical Fiddler on the Roof where Tevye, the patriarch, weighs up dilemmas always trying to see both sides of the argument.
He has these internal arguments out loud, stating his world view and before continuing "on the other hand" and considering and often conceding to his children's arguments.
But there are issues he sees as absolute: “How can I turn my back on my faith, my people? If I try and bend that far, I’ll break! On the other hand...” Pause “No! There is no other hand!”
Sometimes you just have to stop sitting on the fence and say what you really think even if
a) you might ruffle a few feathers and
b) you might end up looking like a bit of a turkey.
It's a bit of a balancing act really, that sitting on the fence business. It's good to be able to see both sides but if you plant yourself too hard not only will you will get splinters in your bum you risk not standing up for those things that really matter.
I think this turkey on the fence this morning seemed to have it about right - high enough to get a good overview of the situation but the tail feathers clearly letting you know when to back off.