Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 14. Day 196. Pretty as a picture

See this? This is the joy of finally getting the family portrait sorted.
Every time we gather the children from the various branches of the family for Grandma's brag book we swear "never again".
There is always hair pulling, face pulling, tears and tantrums.
There was the shot where one child had a black eye from a sporting accident the day before. There was a shot with my sister-in-law's leg on the fringes because one child refused to pose without Mum.
In one, my son is clutching Elmo which the photographer had planned on using as a puppet to induce a smile but Mr O wouldn't cooperate until he was allowed to touch "M-Elmo" then he wouldn't let go.
It has been six years since the last family photo. Perhaps time has eased some of the pain or perhaps it was the rare moment of all the little ones in town from their various far flung parts of the world but we fronted up to the Powerhouse for the photo today.
No-one got a black eye but it was a bit like Grandma and the seven dwarfs - Sulky, Snooty, Silly, Superior, Stupid, Savage and Bored.
One child thought strangling was preferable to hugging her sister but otherwise there was no actual physical violence. The photographer earned her money and I think there will be something nice to hang on Grandma's wall.
And we have plenty more stories for various 21st birthdays. Isn't that what family photos are about? Memories?
For the children, there was the added reward of being allowed to go in the pool - in the middle of winter - when it was all done.


  1. wonderful memories, we rarely got together with cousins due to my dads job, and to be honest I dont remember any cousins from my mums side of the family and there was 13 of them so surely soem of them must have had some.

  2. Another gorgeous picture! Is your house a homage to amazing snaps? Week after week they are just beauts!

    1. Thanks the reality is I have a really nice camera and a completely obsessive compulsive nature so I take often hundreds of photos a day until I get one I like. This one, however, I just fluked and I love it

  3. The description of the grand children really made me laugh! It's funny how children don't like being photographed, I take so many of mine when they aren't looking as I have seen my mother in law struggle many times trying to get staged shots and as you say, there is always one who won't play ball! Great photo x

  4. You captured this shot just at the right second! She looks very happy :)

  5. Wow! What an amazing photo! I love everything about it! The colours, her face, the movement, simply great!

  6. What a great shot. She looks really happy.

  7. I love this: joy clearly visible. An action shot is always a challenge to capture clearly. I am envious!

  8. Fantastic shot! She looks happy x

  9. Wahey!!!! She's so excited and about to make a big splash. Wonderful shot x