Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 25. Day 207. Hosing down

For my mother holding a hose is like relaxation therapy.
When we were growing up you'd see her out in the yard, hose in hand almost in a trance.
She would often be chewing on her thumb, in a world of her own, finding the flow of water quite hypnotic.
I could see her point as I watched the gardeners giving the produce at Delectable Queensland at South Bank a drink this morning.
Before the crowds arrive there is quite a team making sure the thousands of plants are looked after. I love the water dripping off this lemon plant.
I tried to catch Mum's love of gardening. Epic fail. If a plant in the garden can't survive on water from the sky around my place it will not survive.
The couple in pots have my mother to thank for their existance. She takes pity on them and throws water their way when she comes for the weekly Sunday roast.
Hosing down rumours, that I can do. Hosing down plants, I'm afraid I'll have to leave that to others.
Thanks Mum.


  1. The way the water is just about to drip off is great. Lovely picture.
    Wish we had a hose at the moment, filling the paddling pool with bowls is hard work lol x

    1. We did the whole drought thing for years. It is still odd to see a hose in action

  2. Lovely picture, our tree has a winter crop after a disappointing summer crop ravaged by insects. So much for green chemical free gardening.