Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 21 Day 203. Wash day blues

In so many ways we have it so much easier than the women who went before us.
Like the laundry for one. The idea of boiling water, washboards and hand scrubbing one's smalls is quite simply deplorable.
The modern woman has been liberated from such drudgery, a fact I was reminder of today at a visit to the Caboolture Historical Village.
Of course the vision that all these modern labour saving devices would result in a world where we could sit with our feet up and sip pina coladas all day as simply not eventuated.
Sure the business of doing a load of washing is no longer a full day of hard physical labour. I had a load on the line blowing in the wind before 9am today and that was after a lie in.
But with the washing out and the other domestic chores done, there was a shift at the Tertiary Studies Expo to put in, the drive to the Historical Village to facilitate the school photography challenge (with the theme Old School), shopping, dinner to cook and them a couple more hours on the computer to answer emails.
Yep, the modern women can have it all provided she accepts that she will have to do it all.
But I'd rather do it all than spend all day doing the washing. As the song says "Look how much I've gained".
It's just some times you will hear me roar.

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