Friday, March 30, 2012

March 30. Day 90. Fly away

Flies. I consider myself a summer person, embracing everything about the warm weather. Everything, that is, except flying insects.There are a lot of good public health reasons for hating flies but really when it comes down to it they are just seriously annoying.
The fly is always the uninvited and unwelcome guest at the barbecue. Take a prawn or a piece of meat from the fridge and swarms of flies seem to materialise from nowhere.They can spoil a picnic and even a nap can fall victim to a flying insect buzzing around your head.
Yes, there is so much beauty in life which can fall victim to the fly.
This photograph taken at West End this morning sums it up beautifully. What a delicate rose, its petals softly lit by the morning sun. It would be just beautiful except for the fly. Bloody typical.


  1. Blooming Marvellous.

    So did you go shoo fly and take in the perfume ??

    1. Surprising lack of action in the scent department. Pretty as a picture though

  2. Lovely clarity again Susan, well done!

  3. Fantastic shot and yes I agree flies are horrid and very annoying!

  4. Fancy those flies invading your camera space like that! It's a though lose up though x

  5. I'm certainly not looking forward to the return of the annual fight against the flies!
    It's an excellent shot though, even with the fly!

  6. Such a pretty flower. I think that fly thinks so too!

  7. I love that rose, so beautiful. But look at all the life inside of it, so busy and a veritable ecosystem of its own.

    Thanks for linking up