Saturday, March 17, 2012

March 17. Day 77. Welcome home

I think there is a moment in every woman's life when she becomes her mother. Today may have just been that day. It starts gradually. You start hearing words coming out of your mouth that you would swear could be your Mum's. You notice you have some of the same mannerisms and habits. And then somehow slowly the roles reverse. You are more likely to be the one giving the advice not asking for it. You are likely to be the one making the travel arrangements not the one just turning ready to be led around.You will be the driver not the passenger. And today I was the one collecting the world traveller from the airport and not the one with the new stamps in the passport returning from an adventure. And not only that I was the one desperately worried when the traveller wasn't on the flight as expected. The one pacing the floor. The one thinking I should start ringing around friends to see if anyone had heard from her. Naturally it was just a communication error and all was good. I was so relieved she was alive and then I wanted to kill her for doing that to me - yes the roles have indeed reversed.
Of course I am delighted to have her back and I may not be a child any more but I still need my Mum. Plus, just like a child, I couldn't wait for her to unpack to see what she'd bought me.
Welcome home Mum.

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  1. Mum's what can I say or should that be dare to say... You just have to love em